Change of Plans

It is winter down under where we live so we expect rain, cloud and wind which the BOM site (Bureau of Meteorology) forecast for the weekend.   Working an eight day fortnight, alternating Fridays and Mondays off, once a fortnight we have a four-day weekend and we try to get away in our camper trailer.

However, this time the miserable weather forecast for our four-day weekend didn’t eventuate; instead we basked in mild temperatures, and spent our days in short sleeves and shorts.

Never mind.  We checked off a swag of chores around home that were long overdue for (my) attention but best of all the MOTH (Man of The House) completed repainting the kitchen.  My part in that endeavour was to halve the cupboard contents.

I wouldn’t normally be concerned about the shambles lurking behind closed doors, but with everything looking so bright and new, I could suddenly see through closed doors.  The recycle and rubbish bins are each half full with old Tupperware, aluminium pots and pans and many and more gizmos that seemed like a good idea at the time but simply took up space.

On Sunday we opened our home to friends for lunch, something we enjoy but do not often have the opportunity or time to spend the day before preparing the food.

2015-06-21 13.10.08

When Monday dawned to yet another beautiful day we took ourselves for a bike ride on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie.

The wonder of today’s bikes is that by increasing the resistance you get a great cardiovascular workout, as well as working those thigh, gluteus maximusses maximi maximums-, botty muscles and calves.  Whether it is the exhilaration of pedalling along at 12 kms/hour, being outdoors or both I get a glow on that doesn’t happen when walking.

As we rounded each twist in the walkway the stress fell away as we enjoyed the outdoors with parents of small children, elderly citizens, those in wheelchairs, joggers and walkers.

Back at the car my heart was still pounding and the glutes and calves knew they had had a workout.  Our faces were flushed we felt energised.

Why don’t we get out more often?


5 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Congratulations! The kitchen looks really brighter and nicer! It’s great that you can bike in the great outdoors! I live in a suburban city, where biking is kind of hard because of the volume of traffic and exhaust fumes. I used to bike a lot when this place was not so busy….


  2. “Why don’t we get out more often?” We say that every time we do go out walking or suchlike activity! We love it & feel better for it, but it doesn’t happen as often as it should. 😦
    The kitchen looks bright and pristine! Like you, when I got my nice new cupboards in the kitchen, I had to go through everything. We took a big box of unneeded kitchen “stuff” to the op shop as it was all good stuff, but superfluous to our needs. Then I had a happy time moving what I do need into the new cupboards & found I have much more room for everything. 🙂

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