Simple Woman’s Day Book

simple-woman-daybook-largeToday I am linking up with The Simple Woman’s Day Book which invites simple woman to respond to the same prompters each week.  I am not sure any of us are ‘simple’ and if we take that in the context of old English there would be even fewer populating that cohort!  For today, I’m playing along because I feel like writing but more stream of consciousness rather than … uh, cerebral?
Outside my window …  Winter sun is making our garden look like something from a home and garden magazine, the colours are vivid.  Dew hangs from the patio lighting and the sun is playing prisms on the bulbs throwing colour spectrums across the outdoor setting.
I am thinking … My porridge and fresh pear with yoghurt is tasting like a breakfast for queens. The MOTH (Man of The House) is the grocery shopper and I am enjoying different fruit this week.
I am thankful that my desk is waiting for me each day I make an appearance at work, that everything works so well and is fixed promptly.  I am fortunate to work in an NGO (non government organisation) that takes staff work environment so ergonomically seriously.  I’ve worked in large corporations that have required a requisition form to be processed to get a computer (or in those days a typewriter) fixed.IMG_1244
I am wearing … my sheepskin slippers because the MOTH is still resting up (waiting for me to finish in the kitchen) and my work shoes clump around on the floating floors in our home. I am also wearing work trousers, polo shirt and a jacket.
I am creating … this post and enjoying my freshly created breakfast fit for queens.
 I am going... to visit two clients this morning, attend a meeting this afternoon before heading away to visit a third client before heading home.
 I am wondering… if I can get this post completed in the next five minutes so I can be out the door in ten minutes.
 I am reading…  last night I completed All the Light We Cannot Sea by Anthony Doerr (not a procrastinator).  I am intrigued by how many best sellers there are each year.  How can they all be best sellers?  Compared to what are they best?  This was a best seller too as well as having won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize.  I expected more.  Grammatically, well written, I found the story line a tad worn, seems like memoirs are so last decade and WWII German stories are the new in thing.  It was a reasonable read but don’t nudge it ahead of your reading list, it can wait.
 I am hoping… my second client is out of bed today and I can get in the front door.
 I am learning … I am not perfect but most people like me just the way I am.
 In my garden… the MOTH has emerged and is sitting in my garden with his cooked breakfast, adding to the vivid beauty out there – I’m into garden gnomes, good looking ones.
A peek into one of my days … I work as an alcohol and drug counsellor and you can read about one day in my work life here.

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