Travel in Work Time

Wednesday Word BadgeTime in the car fills a good portion of every work day and given the number of kilometres I travel during the month,  I needed a better way of using that time.  Those hours were becoming an issue for me and I found myself dreading each day because of the long hours in the car.

… Then I was introduced to the magic of audio books and here’s what I love about listening while driving:

  • I can leave one client behind before arriving at the next; it helps me place each client’s unique set of struggles into perspective;
  • I feel like I am ‘reclaiming’ dead hours;
  • I get paid to listen to books while I work; love that one;
  • It fulfils my yen to read everything I possibly can; unrealistic goal because only Methuselah lived to 969 (and he didn’t have the benefit of modern medicine, still figuring that one out, topic for another post).
  • The time flies by;
  • It relieves the boredom;
  • I do not have to listen to irritating radio interviews or advertisements interrupted by programming;
  • The narrators bring the story to life in a way that makes me feel weAs someone who spend too much time her head it saves me from other thinking things
  • The narrator and I are in this together; company on the journey;
  • One week I’m saving the world with Matthew Reilly, the next I’m loving, eating and praying with Elizabeth Gilbert;
  • At the end of the day when I can be very tired the narrator keeps me alert;
Listening to audiobooks during work travel time is not an intellectual activity.  Intellectual/professional development reading, for me, is taking notes, transcribing important information and recording it someplace to find it easily at a later date.  I cannot do that while driving.
If you travel for work, or have been on road trips, how do you fill in the time?

3 thoughts on “Travel in Work Time

  1. I share your fondness for audio books. I used to frequently drive long, lonely, mountainous roads when I was consulting. Audio books did everything for me they do for you. On more than one occasion, I drove around a block or two when I arrived at my destination so I could finish a chapter.


  2. Such a sensible way to fill that otherwise dead time, Linda.
    Hubby loves to listen to ABC Radio National, and when he’s been somewhere, he tells me what he’s learned on the trip. He also podcasts some of the programmes to listen to later.
    I used to listen to the ABC too, but got out of the habit of it for some reason – probably because I was not often alone in the vehicle when hubby retired.
    If I were still working and having to travel for it, I would probably use audio books, but my trips are too short, unless we are off travelling. Then hubby likes to listen to music. Sometimes I listen with him; other times, I let him use his earphones while I enjoy the solitude of the open road. 🙂

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