Forces of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

We tend to head for the coast when we take our holidays and we are seldom disappointed at the majesty of the ocean or the rock formations of hanging cliffs or the thrash and thrust of a crazy tide as it pounds the seemingly passive shoreline.  The forces of nature can be heard, seen and felt.

When we spent five days puttering up and down the Murray River in Australia there were wonders of nature we hadn’t expected.  Yes, the tranquility as the river slapped lazily against the boat, the birds that perched on still railings and the solitude that stilled our hearts minds and spirits.

Forces of Nature on the Murray

Forces of Nature on the Murray

When the Murray played host to our houseboat during the spring we were unprepared to the stark range of ways Mother Nature had forced her hand.  Around each bend the river revealed forces of nature we were unused to.  Sight unseen.  Only evidence remaining.  Strangely still and eerie.


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