Little Beach, Port Stephens

We spent three nights at the Halifax Camping Ground at Little Beach, Port Stephens.  It was quiet (out of school holidays), night security was diligent in patrolling the grounds at regular intervals, we were next to one of their check points, the facilities were immaculate.  Small well equipped kitchen, adequate for those who need a stove to cook meals.  Otherwise there is a large clean barbecue area with hot and cold water in the sink provided for washing up BBQ utensils.  Lovely area that has big table and benches to accommodate six to eight families easily.  

Two weeks after the severe storm that passed through most of the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas and the camp grounds were well maintained.  There was evidence of trees having damaged certain sites but this had been cordoned off and the areas well marked.  Great effort all round.  The camp ground is situated between two beaches with easy access to both.  Shank’s pony takes you to either beach in three minutes.  We will be back.  

It was a surprise to find my post on the Halifax Camping Ground’s Facebook page which didn’t initially refer to the camp ground which is why I have added this blurb to provide the feedback that others may be interested in.  

But now you know about the camp ground why not read on to find out a little about the interesting things to see right on their doorstep.


Woke to a blustering wind and pleased the tent had held up so well.  It is warm enough with a nip in the air first thing in the morning and once the sun dips over the hill.  Another day of seeing new sites and reading the stories of historic places.

We walked up to the lighthouse believing we would be able to see a gun emplacement constructed during WWII to help protect this part of the Australian eastern seaboard.  Unfortunately we saw only the roof of the emplacement and there was no access for a closer look.  Instead we found a large cafe/restaurant that has taken over the lookout leaving little place for those interested in the local history or native bush to enjoy.

Little Beach Lighthouse Collage

Something that almost made the walk worthwhile were the three crosses that had been cleaned up and placed on the fence.  These crosses marked the graves of Lassie, Woofie and Bossie, dogs who once roamed atop this headland as companions to light house keepers and marine safety staff.

Little Beach, Port Stephens

Between a rock and a hard place.  Looking over to Shoal Bay, Port Stephens

We contented ourselves with the afternoon rock-hopping close to the water’s edge and reading on the beach.  Some fishermen with lines in but we saw no fish caught.  On the other side of the peninsula it was a different story.  A catch of some twenty large snapper were of great interest to the local pelicans who waddled about patiently hoping to be rewarded with lunch.

Little Beach, Port Stephens

Snapper for Lunch at the Pelican Restaurant

Like the sound of this part of paradise?  There’s more.

My apologies for the half post published earlier this evening.  I’m blaming the new WordPress editor which is not as intuitive (or user friendly) as the old version.  Another case of an upgrade that has taken us backwards.  


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