Nelson Bay

A speck in relation to the global attractions that weigh in at the spectacular end side wow, Port Stephens may well be insignificant in comparison to say, the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Uluru but it can boast that it is twice the size of Sydney Harbour. The port has front row tickets during the migration of hump back whales, one of the largest creatures with whom we share the planet.  The beaches are pristine and almost deserted, as autumn cools to winter. But the place is a haven for birds.


Another four-day weekend and for the next three nights we’re camped on the peninsula between two beaches.  I am looking forward to enjoying the coastline on foot as the MOTH (Man of The House) cycles alongside.  The shared walking and bike tracks are great in this whole area and well maintained.


We set camp soon after lunch and ventured out for our first look at Little Beach and the nature reserve across the road.   While there is little evidence of damage on the shoreline the havoc wrought by the storms of a few weeks ago is still evident.


More than two hundred home in the Hunter and east coast regions were without power for some days.  Roads were closed cut off as trees were uprooted by strong winds and fell across roads.  The clean up has been in progress since then, three weeks ago, with a way to go before order has been restored.


Tomaree National Park is close by, something else to look forward to exploring.


Eastern Standard Time has returned and with it the nights close in earlier that encourages campers to head off to roost earlier than during the daylight savings months.  Tea is over, the dishes and workspace tidied and wiped down.  Time to blog, read and get some shut eye ready for the day ahead.


5 thoughts on “Nelson Bay

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  2. Reblogged this on QP and Eye and commented:
    April has been and gone and the A – Z Alphabet Challenge is a week ago – history. I enjoyed the routine and commitment of the event but I have to say things have taken a downward turn in the writing department since the Zig-Zag Railway post went up.

    A change of scene and away from the ho-hum of home life may be the order of the day. Camping on a peninsula, between two beach is my kind of heaven. To make it total paradise would be to find my mojo for blogging again. In the meantime lovelies here’s a little piece about our neighbours and our outlook for the next three days.


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