Yesterday’s Nut

imagesStrange as it may sound, yesterday has a comfortable familiarity about it.  We may feel comfortable with some of the outcomes or perhaps not so pleased about other events that happened just twenty-four hours ago.  Whatever, since it happened twenty-four hours ago it is now in our past and because we have moved through that time frame there is a sense of understanding, reflection and safety in understanding our responses to yesterday’s circumstances.

True we may not like some of the things that went down yesterday and chances are that the less palatable they were the more we’re inclined to ruminate on them, carrying them into today.  It is natural to reflect and reminisce about the past and we have become avid historians of our lives.  We document, journal, pen autobiographies, photograph places, people and events.  But why?

Rosa Johns – the American lady who made a stand against racial discrimination and showed Martin Luther the way forward – said:

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

No matter how wonderful our yesterdays were, we need to make a stand each day.  Each day we open our eyes and give thanks for another day is an opportunity to make a difference. Most of us start as nuts but I wonder how many become mighty oaks?  images-2My guess is those who live in the thrall of yesterday remain nuts.  Those who take what the new day has to offer become mighty oaks.

We cannot all be oaks of Rosa Parks stature and grit but we all have the opportunity to make a difference to one other person each day.  To that one person we are a mighty oak.

I am not suggesting that we cease recording our lives but I do wonder if sometimes we’re so focussed on recollecting our yesterdays that today’s potential is robbed.

Posted as part of the 2015 A – Z Challenge.


5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Nut

  1. Had a wonderful day yesterday and I went to sleep really happy. Today, though is another day, yesterday’s glory provides impetus for today. Totally separate, yet interwoven. Nice post!


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