Warner’s Bay Walkway

Linda Stewart

Last weekend we took our bicycles up to Newcastle as it has been a while since we had been along the Newcastle Coastal Walkway.  We started at Nobby’s Headland and continued as far as we could and before the rain set in again.  This weekend we visited another walkway closer to home, the walkway along Warner’s Bay esplanade around the shores of Lake Macquarie around to Eleebana.

The complete walk is approximately 9 kilometres and hugs the shores of the lake taking one past the art gallery, across a bridge that traverses five islands, through a large park, into the town of Warners Bay and onto Eleebana.


We have done the complete walkway – on our bikes – but on this occasion we completed the Red Bluff shared walkway on foot.  It is a good idea to take a camera as the lake can look quite different dependent on the weather.  When we started our walk the lake was being whipped up by strong winds yet on the return trip it had calmed down.

The foreshore was reclaimed by the Lake Macquarie Council by filling it in and creating the much-loved landscaped reserve that thousands now enjoy each day.   Each Friday during summer months the council hosts local bands which bring the community together.  Families, friends and couples share picnics or have takeaways from one of the many restaurants across the road and enjoy an evening of free music in beautiful surroundings.

A glass of pink bubbles in hand, music to listen to and watching the sun set over beautiful Lake Macquarie on the Warners Bay Esplanade makes life just about perfect.

Posted as part of the A – Z Challenge


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