Values Driven Life : Reprise

Core Value clip artLinda Stewart

Once a piece is posted I seldom revisit it unless the stats for that post indicate some activity around the topic.  However, when I was thinking about a topic for “V” in the A – Z Challenge in April I thought at once of values and how we are driven by them in every aspect of our daily activities.

After a particularly tough year (2013), on the eve of a new year I sat and thought about how I wanted to move forward from there without bitterness.  The final post for that year spoke about a resolve to take a new perspective on how I approached life in the coming twelve months.  Today I remembered that I had written about values although I did not remember much of the content.  Because I feel the same today as all those months ago I thought it fitting to to allow that post a reprise:

Originally posted as Living a Values Driven Life,  repeated here to save you a click.

It takes a strong sense of identity and a firm grasp on one’s values to withstand the  bombardment of glamourous portrayals of life in the fast lane.   We don’t have to look far.  They accost us at every turn: turn of the radio dial, turn on the television.   There are few places to which we can escape and consciously tune out the media’s chatter exhorting us to get on board and chase the capitalist dream:  bigger, better and faster.  So much to pursue, so little time, chatter, chatter, chatter, faster, bigger, better.  It does not take long before we’re wound up by the external noise and we have been robbed of our inner calm and peace.  We’ve become enmeshed in someone else’s dream – mostly the capitalist dream.

When we invest so much time into another’s life or mission we lose our identity.  Unwittingly we subscribe to their values and are driven by external influences separate from our core values and beliefs.  Living another person’s dream doesn’t bring happiness, or even contentment.  It robs us and we lose our way because we’ve relinquished control of our lives and hushed that still small voice that coaxes us to contentment found only in the quiet pursuit of living mindfully in our own lives.  It’s difficult, no impossible, to find contentment while drifting aimlessly through life without a rudder to provide direction and a compass to show the way.  Our core beliefs are the rudder, and our value base is our compass.

So why do many of us  live outside our core values and beliefs?  Values and beliefs influence the decisions we make each day yet often we happily ignore, compromise, or hush them up when a louder more forceful voice trumps our best intentions.

The year that was, was not a good year for me.  It was tough, rough and ugly.  Therefore,  I will be celebrating the last night of this renegade year with friends.  We will be picnicking on the water’s edge with  a bottle or two of pink bubbles.  This year my personal values went missing in action and the price has been too high.   I realise I compromised my values and pushed them aside to promote other peoples’ goals which brought neither happiness nor contentment.

Personal-Values-QuoteI am reclaiming my values and beliefs.  I understand that our values change as we move through the seasons of our lives.  The values I’m taking into a new year are  honesty, openness and pleasure.  Yes, pleasure!  Pleasure in others’ achievements, pleasure through gratitude and the pleasure of living mindfully in the moment.   As far as possible I plan to enjoy each moment of each day while living honestly and keeping an open mind and heart to the opportunities for transformation and ways to bless others.  I believe these values allow vulnerability and I am looking forward to the pleasure and contentment that I totally expect for myself in the coming year because I believe that as I am mindful of myself I become more mindful of others.

I am looking forward to living a life propelled by identified values … living a values-driven life.   I want to get back on the pathway to explore my potential for a rich, full and meaningful life.  I plan to cultivate health, vitality and mental well-being through mindful values-based living.

Posted for 2015 A – Z Challenge.


4 thoughts on “Values Driven Life : Reprise

    • I’m pleased I found it again Linda. Do you find when you look back you’re surprised at what you’ve written or the insight you’ve had in the past. When I re-read that particular post I thought Bravo! I must have been pumping on all cylinders at that time.

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