Red Bluff Walkway

It might be a short and narrow section of the Warners Bay Walkway but the Red Bluff section is both an engineering triumph and a walker’s delight.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Walking southwards from Warners Bay towards Eleebana, two coastal suburbs on the shores of Lake Macquarie, the Red Bluff Shared Pathway hugs the lake’s coast along the Eleebana foreshore.  It is an elevated boardwalk over the lake and follows the headland known as Red Bluff (hence the name) because of the colour the earth.


The stainless steel safety balustrade onto which poetry has been etched.  The MOTH (Man of The House) was particularly interested in its structure, being the engineer, as well as the different textures used in its construction.  The floor surface is springy giving one the impression of walking on sea grass which is particularly clever given that you are suspended over the water.

Since its construction in 2009 it has become an iconic feature of the lake and is well utilised by walkers with their dogs, or alone, joggers and cyclists.  Six years on and it is hard to imagine ending the waterfront walkway anywhere other than that final stretch along the Red Bluff Shared Pathway. We usually stop at one of the three look out points to watch for dolphins which we have seen on one occasion only.  It doesn’t stop us hoping to see them again.

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