Picton, South Island, NZ

Linda Stewart

We left the Coastal Pacific rail trip, the final leg of our South Island holiday, at Picton.  The town sits poised at the head of the Queen Charlotte Sound which, as part of the Marlborough Sounds, was carved out of glaciers millions of years ago.    The scenery is fantastic with photo opportunities at every turn – a happy place for photographers.

Picton Collage

 As a vibrant seaport the small town has a transient population that services the wine region and has become the hub of tourism in the Marlborough Sounds.  We were keen to stretch our legs after the train trip so we meandered along the coastal walkway passed offices offering whale and dolphin watching ecotours, scenic helicopter rides across the sounds and vineyards, as well as day trips to secluded bays and holiday hideaways.  Certain parts of the sounds are accessibly only by sea which makes Picton the ideal home base.

Picton from The Interislander Ferry

As one of New Zealand’s largest wine growing regions, as well as being the starting or jumping off point of the South Island ventures, Picton attracts large numbers of local and overseas tourists.  Trendy boutique accommodation, gourmet food and tour specials are everywhere, but the town caters for all pockets and backpacker hostels can be found down alley ways while beautiful old hotels still exist to provide a comfortable resting place for travellers.

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