April Moon 15 Day 15 When I Close My Eyes

6057992a-81bd-408a-a12b-133f184a0a10Linda Stewart

When I close my eyes and take a deep breath I wish the participants of each April Moon event could meet.  I would wish for a beautiful setting in which to enjoy each other’s company, drink cups of tea from fine bone china, eat cucumber sandwiches and talk about our lives as bloggers.

  • I could also wish that with each inward breath inspiration and ease of heart would pour in and the outward breath would carry away the angst and unhelpful thoughts.
  • I wish for inspiration (from that inward deep breath) to flow through my fingers and be able to schedule the remainder of April’s posts (ah ha ha ha ha).
  • I would wish that my family were closer rather than scattered across three countries.
  • I wish that there was some good news reported on the television each night.
  • I would wish that others are protected from hurtful and thoughtless words.
  • I would wish for a good job for my son-in-law.
  • I wish our house is soon ready for sale and that it sells quickly.

Before we return to our lives and bid each other farewell I would like to thank all who have visited QP over the past fortnight.  I have enjoyed reading your contributions and value your comments.  Thank you to Kat and Alana for the behind the scenes work as well as the excellent organisation and moderation of the event.  I’ll be back and who knows we might meet again in August.  In the meantime I’ll be checking out Alana’s Wednesday story starters next month.

Cucumber sandwiches?  I don’t think so.  It will be mud cake topped with white chocolate, chocolate eclairs with fresh cream and Anzac biscuits not elegant but my favourites.  Oh and Monte Carlos and Romany Creams and Black Forest Cheesecake, and trifle.  Sounding more like coffee and dessert.  What do you think, any takers?



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