April Moon 15: I Feel Lucky Oh So Lucky

I Feel LuckyLinda Stewart

As global economies recovered from WWII, 4 million babies were born each year between 1952 and 1964.  I feel lucky to have been born when so much was about to change.

One portion of the population embraced the rise of consumerism, suburbia and enjoyed the abundant fruits of their endeavours.  Another section focussed their efforts to fight for equal rights for women and other minorities whatever economic demographic they represented.

I feel lucky to have been born in those times and lucky I grew up to take full advantage of the technology and digital world we all enjoy now.  It makes me feel lucky to have had a good education which gave me a zest for learning and piqued my curiosity about the world.

I am fortunate to have travelled and met many interesting people from cultural diversities.  It makes me feel lucky that my travels took me to Austria where I met the MOTH (Man of The House).  And I feel lucky that we have two amazing grown up children who live independent lives with their partners.

When I think about what makes me feel lucky I have to remind myself that a small portion of that luck is serendipity but the major part of anyone’s good fortune is  hard work, perseverance and the ability to remain steadfast in adversity.  I makes me feel lucky to know the people who have stood beside me when I have lacked the tenacity to push through or lost my resolve.

It makes me feel lucky to live in a country where I am free to attend my place of worship each week and not be persecuted for those beliefs.  To live in a community that is safe and respectful of others makes me feel lucky.  My stash of quilting fabric and crafty paraphernalia, my Kindle, electronic devices, full pantry, fulfilling work and a family that loves me beyond measure … this is what makes me feel lucky.

Posted as part of the April Moon 15 event hosted by two beautiful bloggers Kat McNally and Alana Lawson


2 thoughts on “April Moon 15: I Feel Lucky Oh So Lucky

  1. Like you, I feel so lucky to have been born when I was to good parents. It was a lucky choice that brought us to this wonderful country where we have so much going for us.
    I feel so lucky we have the things we have and to not have the worry of where the next meal will come from, or about finding a roof over our head.
    We may not be rich, but we have what we need and more, so in a way we are indeed rich. Not just in material things but in our families and our friendships, our education and our opportunities.
    Indeed, how can we complain about whet life has thrown us and what we have earned for ourselves?
    Great post, Linda! 🙂


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