April Moon 15: Sometimes I Wonder

April Moon Day 13Linda Stewart

So much to wonder about, so much time in which to wonder.  I try not to dwell in this place too often as I tend to focus on whether or not I will be able to step on board if the opportunity offers itself one more time.  Maybe I have simply reached a place where the wondering no longer matters.  What matters is – what is.  Here and now.  Being in the moment and being content.

However, let’s take a lighter look at the prompt and have some fun.

I wonder if I will ever …

  1. Have had my fill of chocolate
  2. Get enough time to quilt up all the fabric in my stash
  3. Again use all the beautiful card making paraphernalia in my craft room
  4. Be able to let go of enough stuff so we can actually downsize
  5. Understand why we spend our lives getting over our childhoods
  6. Be the skinny me I once was (doubtful, may be I am not wondering at all)
  7. Read all the books on my Kindle
  8. Read all the books on my bookshelves
  9. Be able to schedule a whole month’s worth of posts for my blog (how incredibly cool would that be)
  10. Have the courage to let go of fear and be excited about the what if

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