Murramarang National Park

Linda Stewart

We consider ourselves glampers as opposed to hard-core camping types.  We enjoy our comfortable camping chairs, inner sprung mattress in the camper trailer and meals cooked in pots and pans rather than heated up tinned food.  That said our love of the Australian outdoors is only hampered by work restrictions (it sure gets in the way of life at times) which means we do not get away as frequently we would like.  Generally our camping jaunts are four-day weekends and we tend to stay within a radius of between one and one and a half hours of home.

However, once a year we get away to an annual camping event that is held in a different part of New South Wales, Australia, each year.  After the week long meet people head home again or, like us, take an extra week to explore the Australian countryside and coastal regions.  We found the Murramarang National Park a wonderful camping ground in which to spend five days enjoying coastal walks and swimming in the ocean.

Lace monitor wandering into our camp

Lace monitor wandering into our camp

The wildlife were quite disinterested in our presence and wandered through our camp site helping themselves to whatever food was available, including our bag of apples that was inside the tent.  Lace monitors, eastern grey kangaroos and brush tail possums were regular visitors.

Eastern grey kangaroos at the camp ground in the national park

Eastern grey kangaroos at the camp ground in the national park

The national park has 44 kms of coastline and views from cliff top platforms that stop you in your tracks.  We stood for a long time soaking up the majesty of the panoramic vistas that unfolded on our walk from Pretty Beach (where we were camped in the park) over to Pebbly Beach.

The walkways, natural environment and unspoiled camping grounds were a real treat after some days on the road.  It was off season which meant other campers camped far enough away in the secluded sites we hardly knew anyone else was there.  It was perfect.

You can read our journal entry for a typical day at Murramarang National Park: Pretty Beach.

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