April Moon 15: The Best Part

1ec65fac-58f6-453b-9bd3-38198f141925Linda Stewart

Any part of the day that happens after 10am is the best part of my day.  Seriously, I have never been an early morning person and that what little enthusiasm there ever was for early morning wake ups is ever decreasing the more ‘mature’ I become.  Do you grow up as you mature?  Or as you mature do you get a little more loose and the things that used to be cause for po-faced disdain become less important and quite often down right funny.

It takes me until mid-morning to warm to the fact that life is out there waiting to be lived.  While I may well up and about doing things more often than not Iit is going through the motions.  However come lunch time and I am hitting full stride and able to maintain that pace until mid-afternoon when things settle down to a more sedate pace but my mind is completely engaged and focussed.

Depending on what I am doing there are various best parts of my day.  If I am writing then any time of the day is the best part.  Likewise when friends and coffee and cake are gathered in one spot – definitely a best part of my day.  And how about those times when you have to remain curled up with page-turner?  Absolutely the best part of the day.

If I bring it back to specifics, which I feel Kat may be alluding to in this prompt then I have to say that dusk is my very best time of day.  That is when the day’s work is complete and left at the office and I return to the sanctity of home knowing that after dinner there will be time to write.

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