Lake Macquarie

Linda Stewart

Lake Macquarie is the largest salt water lake in Australia and covers an area four times the size of Sydney harbour.  Its eastern outlet is to the Pacific Ocean and its western border nestles into the Watagan Mountains.  We came to live in a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in 2003 and now call it home.

On the eastern seaboard of Australia it enjoys a temperate climate making it the almost perfect place to live.  The area is serviced by a large number of shopping centres, supermarkets, cinemas, hospitals and has a great infrastructure making it easy to get around.

L Macquarie from BrightonThe local council takes pride in its parks, cycle and walkways and monitors the wellbeing of the lake ensuring its ecosystem is as nurturing to sea plants and of course the fish.  It is not uncommon to spot dolphins in the lake which we have done on some occasions while enjoying the lake walkways.  Yachts, cabin cruisers and house boats take a leisurely view of the lake while speed boats pulling water skiers, hang gliders and paddle boarders also make use of the natural sporting environment.

Posted as part of the A – Z Blogging Challenge 2015.



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