April Moon 15 Day 8: Not a Collection

I wouldnt call it a collectionLinda Stewart

Out of sight are a lot of sentimental pieces that have been collected over time from the many places I have called home.  There are fewer souvenirs now than in earlier years because I’ve learned that the wonderful Chinese lantern with the gaudy colours and chintzy tinkly thingees look wonderful in Chinatown but awful in my home.  It is all about context.

Two years ago we had thoughts of downsizing.  We put the house on the market, I sorted through drawers, shelves, boxes and folders of things in my craft room.  All treasures once upon a time.  When I saw them again they were – crap, and out it went.  The crap that had potential to be morphed into uncrapful stuff was kept and boxed up.

As I was nearing the end of my decluttering-the-craftroom phase, we took the house off the market.  I think the MOTH was becoming anxious that his workshop may be next.  Two years on and the boxes sit neatly stacked in the corner.  Unopened.  Time to move them to the outside bin?  Or maybe have one more look.

I wouldn’t say I have a collection of anything unless my stamp albums, piles of first day covers and miniature sheets could be called a collection.  If so it is the only collection I own.  I do seem to have a lot of things that have the potential to be really really useful – one day.  Mostly I seem to have a lot of things that could be useful but more than likely just need to head straight to the bin without passing go.

At the end of 2011 I completed a degree and proudly stacked the text books in the study shelves … and forgot about them.  Two years later in 2013 when I did look at them, half went into the bin.  Gone are the days of on-selling expensive text books.  Lecturers request the latest edition (upping the shareholders’ stakes) of every text book even if your version was printed last year.  How much can have changed in one year, I ask myself?  The boring text books, the tomes espousing political hoohaa, social work chaff and statistics, law and research – all in the bin.  Too easy.  What a triumph.  Like exorcising myself of the texts finally meant I was qualified.  It is now two years on and it might be time to bin the remainder: the psychology, ethics and social justice texts.  That will be harder, those subjects are close to my heart yet I have not dipped into the texts for four years now.

The word collection conjures up sets of things.  Tidy stacks of things proudly exhibited on a shelf or sitting nonchalantly on a coffee table.  Look at me, Im organised, neat and prissy.  Look but don’t touch.  Our home has lots of, lots of things but you are welcome to touch any of them wherever they are.

Did I answer the question?

Participating in April Moon 15 event.

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5 thoughts on “April Moon 15 Day 8: Not a Collection

  1. Oh yes, I was once a big collector of ‘things of possible future use’, but our current abode does not have the storage to do this! I still have plenty of stuff that needs de-cluttering but I have not been able to add much to my ‘future-use’ collection here. 🙂

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