April Moon 15 Day 6: Thunder makes me think of …

When I hear ThunderLinda Stewart

Whenever thunder grumbles overhead I think of walking to catch the bus after work.  At that time I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I worked in Braamfontein and caught the bus in Hillbrow.  It was a half hour walk in good conditions.

I could leave work in sunshine and ten minutes into the walk the skies could be ominously foreboding.  The skies opened and let loose torrential rain as thunder rumbled across the skies and lightning dug its forks into the earth.  I left work in the brilliant sunshine and arrive at the bus stop soaked through.  The umbrella sheltered my torso from the worst, if I managed to get it up in time to be any use.

The five o’clock thunder storms are a phenomenon for their regularity and how suddenly they could arrive and as quickly leave.  The affect of the rain and heat caused mists of vapour to rise from the roads and it would be like walking in the clouds.  It also raised the humidity to unbearable percentages.

For some reason it made me feel alive, electrified and energised.  To be in the middle of the crashing claps of thunder, the dark skies slashed by lightening streaks was surreal.  So vibrant.  Majestic.

via April Moon 15 Day 6.


5 thoughts on “April Moon 15 Day 6: Thunder makes me think of …

  1. What a grand and ‘majestic’ experience of regular thunderstorms you have shared here Queasy Peasy! I hear of such phenomena of daily rain/thunderstorms, but they are sadly rare in my part of the world. I know many think it would be a grand thing to live in such a bright and sunny clime, with no rain, as I do, but there are drawbacks, as we are now undergoing, here in ‘Sunny Southern California’ =\

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