April Moon 15 Day 5: Source of Inspiration


Linda Stewart

Like people who come into our lives and keep us company for a while on our journey, sources of inspiration have always revealed themselves at the right times.

At school one of my English teachers was a great source of inspiration because she had the guts to stand on top of the teacher’s desk, in full Spanish costume, and dance the Tarantella.  The impact on my young mind was profound and she inspired me to step outside my comfort zone regardless of how bizarre doing so may seem to others.

Creatively my greatest source of inspiration has always been other writers be they bloggers, authors or journalists.  It takes courage to put your writing out there and the depth of understanding, learning as well as the courage to be vulnerable in front of others inspires me.

I have always been inspired by people who show courage in the face of poor odds and persistently keep on keeping on until their miracle unfolds.  Above all my greatest sources of inspiration are the people I work with each day.  While they experience discrimination, stigma, isolation, homelessness they have courage to keep trying.  In the words of John Wayne:  Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.  That inspires me.

This post was written as a response to the April Moon 15 Day 5‘s prompt.


5 thoughts on “April Moon 15 Day 5: Source of Inspiration

    • Thank you for visiting Stephen. I am enjoying this year’s challenge as I am less intense about the content and more focussed on visiting others. Takes the pressure off. Thank you for the time and energy it must take to organise something of this size and still find time to visit participants. So much appreciated.


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