Travels in Turkey: Byzantine Aquaducts, Selcuk

Travels in Turkey BadgeLinda Stewart

By the time we visited Selcuk, the large tourist town nearest to the ruins of Ephesus, we were not yet done with the ruins.  In fact we had only started but even the most tenacious tourist needs a break.

Footsore and weary we found a cafe in which to have lunch and indulge in a spot of people watching.  The photographs illustrating this post were taken from our seats at the cafe which provided the ideally hidden spot from which to watch the world go by.

The Byzantine/Roman Aqueducts are striking for the ingenuity of their builders given the tools that would have been used in their construction.  The fall of the channel supported by the pillars had to be precisely the right angle so the water would continue to flow in the one direction.

How remarkable that these structures still stand and when I learned that they pass by a modern day train station and continue on both sides it is even more interesting.  That they can withstand the rattle and rumble of trains pounding through them makes me wonder whether the engineers of those times weren’t more ingenious than ours today.  Did you see the house built between two of the pillars?  Prime real estate.

Posted as part of the A – Z Blogging Challenge.

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