Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall – Christchurch

This week I decided to participate in the weekly WordPress Photo post.  I am a keen amateur photographer and love the Olympus point-and-shoot camera that is with me whenever I leave home.  But what do you do with all those photos that clutter up the hard drive or lurk on clouds?  I thought this would be an opportunity to scour the QP archives and see if I could match something on file with the week’s challenge.

We’re being asked to “consider the walls you’ve erected and decorated, the halls you walk down each day, or the exteriors you’ve ignored or neglected. What do these walls reveal about a place, people, or you?”

ChCh Penguin Mural

Penguin Mural – an artistic commentary on climate change

We recently visited Christchurch CBD and were emotionally torn between the still visible devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 and the spirit of the city’s people to rise above the traumatic events of that disaster.  So much of the city is now empty spaces and on the Sunday morning when we walked around the atmosphere was eerie in certain parts of the city.

The arts’ community has pulled together and painted a huge number of murals around the city; both on the walls of buildings still to be demolished as well on the walls of new structures.  In the photograph you can see the cracks in the walls of the building (above the mural).  1, 000 buildings have been demolished with a further 300 more to come down.

It is heart-warming that the city is rebuilding structurally and spiritually as people draw together to support each other and their communities.  The murals were instigated in an effort to  lift people’s spirits and to show that something good can be found if one has a heart to look past the damage.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall – Christchurch

  1. I visited Christchurch many years ago, before the earthquake and I loved the city then. It was awful to hear of the earthquake but I’m so glad to see that it is rebuilding. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!


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