Monday Memoir: Didn’t We Do Well

Monday Memoir BadgeLinda Stewart

In the vein of A A Milne:  Now we are 35.  Today is our 35th wedding anniversary.  Waking up next to the MOTH and greeted with:  Happy 35th wedding anniversary, makes me happy.   Pardon my sentimentality, but I am old-fashioned.  35 years with the same man.  Sometimes cruising through life, sometimes crashing through the woods, this journey together has had it’s interesting and sad moments.

The MOTH added:  Hasn’t it been a good thirty-five years.  It was a statement, not a question, rhetorical or otherwise.  His sentiment was genuine and heartfelt.  I agree.   It has been a good few years.

I feel qualified to offer a bit of advice on how to keep your man happy enough to want to be around you for thirty-five years and beyond.

  1. Make sure you’re freshly bathed and looking pretty for him when he arrives home.  He won’t be interested in your reasons for not looking anything but your best for him.  A little perfumed spritzer behind the ears and down your cleavage will keep him interested; and wear a ribbon in your hair.
  2. He’s had a hard day at the office and will appreciate having his shoes removed for him and his slippers placed on his feet when he sits down.
  3. Basil & Linda Wedding 23/2/1980

    Have the children bathed, fed and in bed by the time he arrives home.  He has been pandering to people all day and will not want to come home to the noise and chaos of small children.  Make sure all the toys are cleared away.  His home is his castle and sanctuary.

  4. After his day at work he won’t want to listen to what you’ve been doing.  It is not important.  It will please him to have you listen to how his day has been and show interest and concern about the triumphs and trials.  He is the breadwinner and therefore more important than you are. He will know if you’re faking interest.  Trust me.
  5. A wife’s role is to boost his ego and morale (in and out of the bedroom).

Linda (QP) and Basil (the MOTH) Great Ocean Road  Australia

These five suggestions will keep your man happy and contented. In fact you will (like me) at times be running from his attentions.

Like a homing pigeon the MOTH returns every night from a hard day at the office.  Despite his torrid day he doesn’t seem to notice my ribbon is showing signs of tat and I hope he has forgotten about the slippers too.  Notwithstanding age and weather damage he is still the wonderful man I married thirty-five years ago.


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