I don’t get it … Do you?

Not another 

Yeah, I know.  Another blog challenge. QP’s overarching challenge for 2015 was to have pipped the 500 post mark by the time the fireworks are lighting the skies and pink bubbles are flowing on New Year’s Eve 2015.

I was good at trigonometry and aced the algebra matric (university entrance) exam so I had the smarts to figure out I needed two and an occasional third post each week to reach said goal.  It was a good balance and I was tracking well with the three posts a week.  But was I happy with that.  No-oooh.  I signed up for February’s NaBloPoMo’s blogroll.  Type A, over-achieving, ball-busting obsessive compulsive wordy nerd … who me?

Oh, yes it is

I gave the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge away last month not thinking to pick it up any time soon.  That was before I saw the February prompts which are an interesting reprieve from the mundane and boring cycle of topics rehashed each month to suit whatever theme.  February’s theme is MAKE and I am all over this topic.  So … on the days that QP is not posting under the categories of Monday Memoir, Working Wednesday and Share Your World on Fridays, I’ll be picking the eyes from February’s NaBloPoMo prompts and writing snippets for QueasyPeasy.

Today’s prompt (which she doesn’t get)

Todays prompt asks whether we are a DIY or a DIFM person.  My understanding of DIY is rather than calling in an expert to get the job done quickly and wasting one’s precious money one rolls one’s sleeves up and has a go.  Observation, of other people’s DIY endeavours, leads to think DIY is the first step in a two-part process.  The second part kicks in when one’s own efforts have not fallen flat and exasperation rates are rising.  Which is what one does what one should have done in the first place.  Calls the expert.

It’s like taking the scenic route; the long way around to get what you need done properly in a timely manner.  The MOTH is (mostly) an expert DIY, but occasionally I do feel he ought to down tools and call the experts. However, thirty-five years of marital bless (mostly) has taught me that discretion and reserving my opinion have benefits.  Me?  I am definitely not a DIY person and probably will never be. The MOTH and I both plan for him to live forever as he is my go-to man when things need sticking together again.  He has the patience and tenacity to see any project completed with excellence.  I don’t have patience or tenacity.  We’re a perfect match.

The DIFM acronym had me stumped so like all good researchers I headed over to Google (who needs encyclopaedias) but I feel an explanation is needed here.  I am an intelligent person and consider myself up there with modern day lingo but I had never heard the expression do-it-for-me in any context other than perhaps, a desperate parent whining at their child to please-please-do-it-for-me.  However, Google enlightened me.  Not only with the meaning of said acronym but because I discovered there is at least one entire website devoted to acronyms.  Who would have thought.  Yep, stranger than fiction.

So.  DIFM actually means:

  1. Due In For Maintenance (source:  Military database)
  2. Distributed for Fire Mission (source:  Military database)
  3. Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine
  4. Do it For Me (as opposed to Do It Yourself)

The part where she doesn’t get it, still

That’s right, I still don’t get it.  Does it mean that you get someone else to do it for you, who is actually me or is this the bit where you pay someone to do it for you?  If this the meaning of DIFM why not just say I’m  ‘Calling the Expert”?  Maybe it’s an American thing. Or maybe I just don’t get out enough … something else the MOTH can fix, maybe.

So tell me.  Are you a DIY or a DIFM person?


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