Catching Dawn

We are good sleepers, the MOTH and I. Unless it is a full moon or we have stayed up too late watching television, or in my case, riding the wave of a late night creative mojo like a night owl unable to settle.

Last night We saw Sereena Williams romp home in three straight sets and carry home the trophy, again. For someone who cheers the underdog, I would have preferred Maria to have been the victor.  We headed off to roost at a reasonable hour which is why we are baffled as to our restlessness. On nights like these the MOTH is able to lie in bed and rest. Me! Not so much. Hence the dawn vigil and the blessing of watching the sun rise behind banks of cotton wool clouds.IMG_1785

This morning the clouds had a that silver lining we hear about and look for as we travel through the dark times. It is not often I catch the sunrise and especially rare to see the silver lining set against the dawn skies. I wanted to snap the moment but did not wish to disturb the sleeping MOTH, so I used my phone to snap the morning skies. But the result was disappointing and did not resemble what my eye saw.

It was obviously a moment for the heart.

The sun is well risen, the MOTH has breakfasted and vanished into the man cave. Me?  I am ready for bed …


3 thoughts on “Catching Dawn

    • There have been times when sleeplessness was simply how it was for me. Not nowadays though, when my head hits the pillow I am (usually) asleep until the alarm sounds. If we are overtired we can be restless at night.

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