What Motivates Me?

NaBloPoMo_1214_465x287_HABITBy Linda Stewart

This month NaBloPoMo participants are exploring HABIT.  Today’s prompt asks what motivates us to change and then keep that change going.

Excitement would be my main force of motivation, followed by an ah-ha moment when the realisation hits there is a better way to accomplish something.  Towards the close of 2014 the anxiety I experienced motivated me to try something new so I have to say seeking improved mental health was a motivator in recent times.

Habit does not keep me going as much as revisiting the reason I sought change initially.  When my enthusiasm lags for a certain pursuit it is time to remind myself why I embarked on this specific course.

In 2006 I resigned from my workplace because I was stagnating and for someone who perceives life as a place of learning, eight hours of every day completing repetitive office-based tasks was a time-waster.  Neither my mental wellbeing nor long term job prospects were heading in any positive direction.  That motivated me to make changes.

The motivation to keep going based in passion.  To be completely engaged in anything long term I have to be excited and passionate about it, whether it be a crafty endeavour, my work or travelling (I would love to find a way to make travel a habit).  I continue to blog regularly because it energises me, I like seeing my work on the web (is that allowed) and I enjoy reading posts from way back.


One thought on “What Motivates Me?

  1. Belated congrats on your resignation 🙂 That sounds awesome! I find that having a vision is my major motivating force to keep a change going, and I agree that excitement plays a huge part in that. I am happy to have found your blog!


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