2015 Blog Plan

By Linda Stewart

Here we are at the start of the second week of January and already we are on our way for another trip around the sun.  How are you doing?  Excited?  Bored already? Maybe, like me, you are wondering where the last year went and how you survived it.  Well here we are and we did survive.  We stand at the brink of an exciting new year.  All possibilities promise-filled and hope still fresh.  Will this year be any different to the last?  I certainly hope so.  In fact I will go so far as to say I know so.

After a year of intense blogging I feel it is time to focus on specifics.  I started blogging to improve my writing and when I look back I can say that how I write now bares little resemblance to the early posts (big plus).  What I realise however, is that in the quest to improve my skills, I jumped in the deep end and I wrote about anything and everything with little direction.  Yes, I had an editorial calendar for most of last year and yes, I followed the scheduled postings.  But now it is time to get cracking on the task that brought me to blogging; writing my life story.  I now have a plan and a direction …

By the time I raise a glass of pink bubbles to celebrate the passing of 2015, I would like to have heard the gong sound for 500 posts on QueasyPeasy.  This means two to three posts a week and here’s the plan.

1.     Monday for Memoir:  Each Monday, starting tomorrow, I will be posting a part of my life story.  The hope is that by the year’s end I will have worked my way through my rough copy, across which the red pen has been three times already.  I would love your company along the way or if you have a similar project please let me know and we can do this together.   Visuals motivate me so I have created a badge to accompany my Monday Memoir posts.

Monday Memoir Badge


2.     Share Your World Sunday: I have been participating in Cee’s weekly challenge entitled Share Your World and I am looking forward to a fresh set of prompts this year.  My responses will be scheduled for Sunday each week.



3.     Reflective Work Journal:  In between the Monday Memoir and Sunday’s Share Your World posts I hope to be able to share something of my work week.  At this point I am not sure what form this will take, whether it be a case study, current social issue or some other aspect that affects my work.  No badge for this post, yet.

Knowing myself there will be times that I have something to day that falls outside of these scheduled posts, so I am not restricting myself to three a week.  There will be times when life gets in the way of QP’s best intentions … c’est la vie!


4 thoughts on “2015 Blog Plan

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  2. You are doing what I intended doing in my blogging last year. 🙂 I still have the piece of paper on my study wall with the names of the three blogs I had intended to post weekly.
    The first, I called Memoir Monday (Sound familiar?);
    the second was to be Wildlife Wednesday – photos and bits & pieces of Australian nature;
    and the third was to be Freestyle Friday (whatever came to mind).
    I didn’t get into it for some reason, and now that I am, like you, doing Share Your World, I’m not sure how I should work it.
    However, I think it would be a great time to get started on a real routine – though I have already squandered 11 days. 😦
    I would like to join you for the Memoir Monday as a start, and then see how the others pan out. I want to keep up with Cee’s Share Your World posts too. Let’s see if we can support each other along the way. 🙂


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