Mother and Child Reunion: Seal Rocks

This morning a baby male possum fell out of the tree near our tent.  He spent the day in a makeshift pouch and cared for by the neighbours.  Amazing how the plight of an animal can unite strangers.

When twilight moved in the campers who had been feeding the mother possum were hoping to once again entice her down the tree with fruit in the hope she would reunite with her baby.  There was much discussion about which fruit was her preference.  Mango won out and it was not long before she came down to retrieve the mango which was her first priority.
Baby possum who had spent the day in a makeshift pouch was placed at the end of the branch.  When the little head popped out of the temporary pouch and saw mama he hopped out and after several failed attempts to enter the pouch, clung to her back.
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However, mum was more interested in the fruit than her baby but with the mango firmly held between her teeth she returned to the tree to finish her meal.  Ten minutes later mum, with baby still firmly attached, were back for more fruit.
We did not see either mother or baby again.

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