Seal Rocks: Treachery Camp, NSW, Australia

Surrounded by Myall Lakes National Park on the Treachery Camp is a free form bush camp where we spent four nights at the beginning of a year of promise.

We arrived mid afternoon and once we found somewhere to pull the car and camper trailer safely off the road, we ate lunch. With full bellies we spent some time walking around the camp getting a feel for the layout and trying to find the noisy groups so we could steer clear of them.

We decided on a site next to the billabong (a first for us). Once settled we sat and enjoyed the view from our home for the next few days. The peace and quiet in our nook of the bush was beautiful and overlooked a billabong. Within the first half hour ducks and two bush turkeys arrived to welcome us; or maybe to see what scraps we had on offer.

The family next to us who had been camping at Treachery for twenty summers thought the lack of mozzies despite the billabong, had something to do with a kind of sulphur compound in the billabong. Others may have a better idea whether or not this is indeed so. Whatever the reason, those of us camped on is banks were thankful.

While we were enjoying a second cuppa a baby possum fell out of the tree to the right of our campsite. The neighbours found him crying and hanging on to the under carriage of their caravan.

The photo is the little mite wrapped in a canvas bag where he spent the day until mama possum came to find him. Apparently mum possum had been down to visit the campers a few nights now so they were confident she would be back for more fruit.

More excitement. A red belly black snake was spotted slithering away from the billabong towards a family’s campsite. Dad had an axe he was thumping against a large fallen tree trunk hoping the vibration would scare it off. Unfortunately no. It disappeared into the scrub between the trunk and a tree.

On returning to our site a dingo was in the billabong chasing the ducks. Signs everywhere advised campers not to feed or approach dingos. This beautiful specimen (another first for us) came right up to our camp site and actually lay down on the ground within a few feet of where we were sitting. In the 11 1/2 years we have been here this is the most wildlife we have seen. All new experiences and packed into our first day.

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