Over My Shoulder: With Thanks

2015In the final moments of 2014 there is melancholy in my heart.  I am one to remain long in that frame because for me, the cup is always half full.

So tonight I will be drinking to lost opportunity, dreams set aside and lagging enthusiasm for the many pursuits I promised myself 365 days ago.  So much angst.  So much pain.  So much growth.  Yes, many hopes died this year, but serendipity, which delights the heart with it’s perfect timing, pulled me through.

Joy is before me.  Waiting.

Next year is an open page.

Tonight we share a meal with friends as the fireworks are set to light up the night skies of 2014.  As the magical display brings smiles to faces turned towards the illuminated canopy so too will the magic spark hope afresh for all that may be in 2015.

Over the pink bubbles we will be sharing the best of the best and the best of the best-forgotten events that were 2014 … there will be much laughing.

Thank you for being a part of my journey this year.  I have drawn encouragement and inspiration from you all as I have read, commented and received the same from you.

Thank You


P.S.:  This post brings the total to 365.  Another goal met as the sun sets on 2014.


4 thoughts on “Over My Shoulder: With Thanks

  1. A belated Happy New Year to you Queasy Peasy! And may you find ways to shed the old behaviors that are no longer working for you and begin to incorporate ways to prevent others from taking too much from you. You deserve some giving kindness in your direction! =)


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