And so this is Christmas

In 2011 my brother and his partner celebrated Christmas with us.  We also enjoyed hosting the partners’ friends who are a young married couple.  The joy of Christmas shared with others bring out the child in everyone.  The excitement, pleasure and joy shared and exchanged are infectious.


2011 Christmas Tree

We’d spent time doing the last minute food shopping on Christmas Eve before flopping into chairs with a glass of bubbles.  Quietly someone would disappear to wrap another gift and return to place it under the tree, then another would slope away to do secret Christmas business behind closed doors.  “I need more sticky tape.”   “You can’t wrap those presents in the same paper.”   “There’s no label on this parcel, who is it for and from?”  “I don’t know, I thought you wrapped it.”  The stash on under the Christmas tree seemed to grow by the minute and we wondered who else might be joining us for we were all going to be hugely spoiled if they were just for us.   Someone picked up, squeezed and rattled one of the gifts with their name on it and before long we were all rattling and listening as gifts crinkled in the paper.  “Don’t squeeze it’ll break.”  “This feels like a book.”  “I think this is smellies.”  We were transported to childhood again all that was missing were our parents, the stuffed Christmas stockings and Santa’s Coke and cookies. 


2012 Christmas Tree

A year later my daughter and her 21 month old son spent the festive month of December with us.  It was a much smaller Christmas with a completely different focus.  While my husband, daughter and I enjoyed each other’s company it was our grandson who was the centrepiece of our day.  What a blessing to be able to see our daughter’s face so intent with excitement as her little boy opened gifts she’d thoughtfully gathered.  Precious moments that will be a lasting memory.  


2013 Christmas Tree

Last year we spent Christmas at the beach.  What a lovely reprieve from the hectic pace of pre-holiday commercialism.  We camped a sand dune away from the beach, the weather was fantastic and we completely unwound.  Away from technology, TV and other distractions we got creative with our Christmas tree.  Modesty aside, I think it was our best effort yet.


2014 Christmas Tree

This year Christmas will be different yet again.  The MOTH (man of the house) and I will be home for Christmas and it will be a more with less Christmas.  Gifts for family were despatched early to meet overseas posting deadlines and we will be exchanging small ‘needs’ gifts with each other.  Our Christmas tree for 2014 is perfect for the two of us.   At the moment it sits on our corner unit in the dining room along with various home bits and pieces.  It’s a Christmas tree with a less fanfare than the usual six foot tree in the lounge but it will have as much significance.

Christmas without the seasonal music and once a year songs is just not Christmas.  While I would love to be able to sing to you all.  It would not be a gift.  Therefore, I am letting John Lennon do it the way only he can –  beautifully.  Click on the link below and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas

  1. Lovely post thank you so much! Today here in South Africa, things are cooking, presents being wrapped and the load getting larger under the tree. Maybe there’ll be time for a swim in the sea – Plettenberg Bay –

    Amy your Christmas be merry and bright – and no reason why the bubbles can’t still be enjoyed! More for the 2 of you.


    • Thank you for your lovely comment and Christmas wishes. It looks like rain here (Australia) for Christmas day but I am sure we will have a swim or two anyway. Enjoy your day and the lekker Kersfees kos 🙂


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