Over My Shoulder: Introduction

The posts for the nine days remaining of this year will continue in the same vein as the Reverb 14 reflections. While that journey ended on Sunday, the insights and wisdom gleaned from the prompts and participants’ responses will be with me into 2015.

I’ve titled this mini-series Over My Shoulder and the posts will be glimpses of what has gone before rather than explorative dissertations of all the stuff ups I crammed into the short space of a year.

For the longest time I’ve figured I knew who was living in my skin.  I know.  I know.  Silly isn’t it!  But consider for a moment how burdened many of us are by the expectations and projections of others. Our places of work, children, spouses, relatives, friends and acquaintances all of whom have a perspective of what role we fulfil to add value to their lives.

T’is hard work living as others would prefer us be.  It takes too much energy and I am getting a bit long in the tooth to be wasting precious resources on being someone else.

The trendy gig has been to have a word for the year and while I’m not known for my ability (or yen) to conform, I think I might give it a whirl in 2015.

So here goes.




True Blue  

Straight Up  




Being authentic, seeking others who live with integrity and vulnerability; being with those willing to be transparent as well as exploring the multi-faceted manifestations of how to live closer to the truth of who I am in my heart.

Before launching into the authentic journey I thought I’d gather some of the insights from the year and share those as I run out the door of this year. Closing the door on 2014 will not be difficult but before I do I want those gems of learning and self-awareness safely guarded for the future.

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2 thoughts on “Over My Shoulder: Introduction

  1. The younger set do not appear to be burdened with this and I can’t help be envious of them. It is a stronghold that I think I’ve conquered only to catch myself agreeing with an idea that I actually disagree with. What is that all about …


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