On Track and Counting 358/365

As a young girl keeping a diary was an essential part of growing up, for me.  I have written about my diary keeping years followed more recently by journals and lately moving across to digital journalling.

I write for two reasons.  Firstly to record events that affect me in whatever way: a record for posterity; a history. The second reason to write is it mentally and emotionally healthy to release pent up energies somewhere.  Why not onto a page where one can see the thoughts for what they are and process aspects of these events in a less subjective (emotional) way.

I blog for the same reasons except here there is an audience.  Sometimes that audience is one.  At other times it may be many.  What may be read widely today might not get another viewing, or posts written months ago suddenly send the stats soaring.   While I have some idea which posts attract more readers there are other times readers’ choices do baffle me.  Hey, the customer is always right.  Right?

Whatever, writing is the main reason to blog, the stats are a bonus and feature after my gratefulness to the faithful followers of QP.

QP was created five years ago as a place to write daily (which didn’t happen in the early days).  The truth that the more one does something the better one becomes at it was another motivator to start a blog.   Late last year I decided that four years of procrastination was as much as anyone could be excused.  I took up the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge in November and posted something every day for that month … and, with some down time, writing and posting has happened daily.

In eight days it will be a new year and by then I hope to have reached 365 published posts.  I have one or two days that need an extra post but otherwise I’m on track to achieve that goal (she may be Type A).


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