#Reverb 14: Nourishment

Kat’s prompt encourages us to look at the ways in which we nurture ourselves and with what we nourish ourselves.  Today’s prompt comes from the gorgeous Sophie Appleby aka Her Library Adventures. Sophie is also the co-creator of Wilde Asher, a powerful collection of talismans handmade with her mum and sister. To soak in Sophie’s world is to wander in the dusk picking fragrant gum leaves; savour afternoon tea of freshly baked bread and an exotic pot of tea; snuggle in front of the open fire with a crocheted blankie, journal and quill.

Sophie writes:  In the busyness of the everyday, taking time to nourish the soul doesn’t reach the top of the ‘to do’ list as often as it should.  What nourishes your soul? How would you like to incorporate more of this into your life in 2015.


If I took the advice frequently given to my clients I would have this topic nailed.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Even though I know this and can see it so clearly in another’s life, when it comes to myself I can be a bit slow.  Keeping on keeping on becomes the mantra when things get tough.  That stiff-upper-lip, push-through-at-all costs, don-knee-pads attitude:  heavens knows what it must look like.  It feels awful and I have to stop.  Now.  Stop it.  Now.  Hear, oh heart and behave. Accept that-  more often than not – enough is plenty!

Because I’m super-prepared for next year, not only do I have a Plan A of activities to help me unwind, there is a Plan B.  I tell  you, when this type A personality gets her mojo on things happen.

So here’s Plan A.  A brand new plan.  For a brand new year.

Get Organised:

  • Find challenges that excite you and plan a month of posts
  • Set up editorial calendar
  • Schedule posts have a holiday from blogging
  • Tidy a cupboard
  • Do the ironing (Type A alert)
  • Catch up with correspondence
  • Set up 2015 diary

Be healthy

  • Eat well
  • Get enough sleep
  • Be super sexy
  • Go for walks
  • Take the bike for a spin
  • Lie in the sun
  • Swim

Get Your Groove on:

  • Listen to happy music
  • Pump up the volume and dance
  • Catch up on a scrapping project (the cruise of two years ago)
  • Finish reading the Kindle books
  • Pick up a paperback
  • Swing in the hammock
  • Drink more pink bubbles (Christmas wish list:  bigger glass goblet)

Three categories for a Plan A-type of day.

And for a Plan B-type day

Get Sporty:

  • Lie on the couch and watch cricket.  No, silly.  Not the insect, the team sport cricket.  The one with the lovely boys running about chasing a white ball.  If it’s test cricket you can swtich off the telly and the couch becomes a daybed.  With chocolates.
  • Lie on the couch and watch tennis
  • Lie on the couch and watch the buff boys at the surf championships (really, what’s an old dame to do)

Get Cerebral

  • Sit in the garden and imagine the life of a unicorn
  • Plan the next big thing.  Inventions are a wonderful way to boost self esteem and the ego
  • Imagine you’re a submarine in a blood vessel:  Space Oddessy 2001-style
  • Plot a revenge.  No wait, we’re unwinding.  Bad thought.

Get Physical (Warning:  these may be hazardous to your health)

  • Be the unicorn in your garden
  • Hop, prance and primp – trust me it’s very liberating. Pink bubbles – essential; clothing – optional.
  • Do naked handstands.  Make sure the neighbourhood watch signs are down.  Wear a full-face crash helmet because you never know what might fall southwards while your legs are heading northwards
  • Take an upside down selfie – posting optional.

So there you have it.  Plan A ways to truly nourish the weary soul and a Plan B to help you through when it all becomes too much.  No excuses now.  Whether you’re oozing verve and vigour or languidly laxing about there is always something with which to love on your precious li’l old self.

If you’re wondering why such brilliant plans are free it’s because I’m feeling generous; and it is the Christmas season after all.  A time to be jolly, merry and loving.  So they’re my gift for your enjoyment at this festive time of year.

Through this post I am putting the challenge back to participants and taking a cue from one of Kat’s prompts.  The challenge is to post a video of your best unicorn dance and post the link in the comments section of QP’s blog.  C’mon now Kat!  We did it for you.  Your turn now …

With love from my heart to yours


UnicornThere’s a story to the picture on the left.  When the MOTH (Man of The House) first saw me it was love at first sight and I still look like this – sometimes. Oh, this is a dream!  You sure?


13 thoughts on “#Reverb 14: Nourishment

  1. What a nice way to tackle the coming year. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of the worldly tasks we take on everyday that we forget about taking care of ourselves. Looks like when 2015 rolls around, you’ll be ready.


    • Thank you Nicole, I certainly am ready for 2015. Adding the final touches to my unicorn braids and we’ll be set for just about anything 2015 has for us. Happy 2015 to you and thank you for visiting 🙂


  2. LOL – what a fun post. And I would certainly post a video of my unicorn dance but I’m currently having my horn re-glittered in honor of the upcoming holidays. Otherwise for sure I’d be posting. Honest. Really. Absolutely.


    • OMG, I’m off to have my unicorn braids redone but now you mention it the gems on my horn have lost their sparkle so I will get them touched up at the same time. Thank you for the reminder. Us unicorns need to stick together.


  3. What fun and whimsical ideas you have presented here Queasy Peasy! Your lists of nourishing activities is truly INSPIRING!
    Though I’m not able to prance about as I usually do, I am strengthening some leg injuries so I can get back on my dancing legs because prancing about the house with fun and spirited music always lifts my spirits! So here’s to spirited and joyful prancing!! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought you’d be inspired Monica. I’m sending you special unicorn healing power at this festive time because everyone needs to be able to prance the prance. Here’s to spirits lifted high and healed legs soon.


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