#Reverb 14: Wonder

In 2015, is there something you’d like to try harder at because you believe it would make all the difference? Conversely, what is something you could stop trying so hard at that might actually help you manifest what you’d like?

Next year promises to be an exciting and interesting year if the responses to these prompts are anything to go by.  With a recap we see  how we pushed through a difficult situation; discussed our proudest moments of 2014; decided where to anchor our endeavours in the future; explored the rituals and routines that depleted or nurtured our lives and reflected on the highs and lows of the many aspects of our very full lives.  A roundup of my reflections can be found here where you’ll also find my love letter to … well you can find out.

Realistically, some of those good intentions and items may not eventuate.  Why?  Because I know myself too well.  What will happen though is that my journalling and, vicariously my posts, will be focussed on changing some behaviours.  Therefore, I have taken the converse approach to today’s prompt which asks what I will stop trying so hard to do.

Keeping it simple.  I hope to let go of expectations:  others and my own.  This will mean good enough is okay and walking away is preferable to jumping over a bar raised too high by whoever.

If this works it’ll be a miracle but I do believe in miracles and I am not afraid to be proven wrong.

Source:  twicsy.com

Source: twicsy.com


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