# Reverb 14: Voice

What is the sound of your own voice?

Strange to say most of us don’t hear our voices when we speak, not consciously anyway.  We tend to speak and listen and sometimes even plan our response, but we’re not aware of the sound of our voices, generally.  When we got our video camera I spent two weeks talking my way around Turkey, explaining the interesting spots we visited and highlighting the history.  There was hours of it and it has never seen the light of day again!

It was a good lesson in voice modulation – or in my case lack thereof.  In putting together today’s response to the prompt I hope I made use of intonation.  A note of warning.  There were no cue cards, no editing crew, and no re-runs or shoots.  What you see is pretty much how it developed as the video rolled.  It is my voice and once again I wasn’t listening to it so much as watching myself in the camera which was weird enough.

One of the best parts of blogging is that we hide behind our blog posts and pages and let readers imagine how we look and sound.  How often have you developed a strong rapport with someone on the phone and the more you ‘know’ them the clearer their picture becomes in your mind.

Well lovelies, your imagination of QP is about to be dashed for here is the face and voice of everything that is QueasyPeasy.




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