November with Gratitude: Myself

On the last day of November we take the focus off external gratitude and take a look at the elements our ourselves for which we are grateful.  If, like me, you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s you may have been admonished for boasting or having a “big head” if you were heard acknowledging the things you felt, as a child, you were good at.  It wasn’t good was it!  For this post I am going to try and forget that acknowledging ones strengths, skills and talents is seen as bragging and be grateful for aspects of myself that allow me to do what I do and how I do those things.

I am grateful for who I am:  a Christian (shh, God at work), sister, a wife, friend, parent, grandmother, mother-in-law, colleague, community worker, advocate,

Grateful for Me CollageI am grateful for what I am:  caring, well-educated, focussed, an introvert, a blogger, a listener, intuitive, discerning …

We move through our day accomplishing many things that make life easier for others, with whom we live or work, as well as ourselves.  The skills we have and the manner in which we approach those tasks helps us to work from one end of the task through to completion, navigating the ups and downs with the coping strategies we have identified over years of trial and error.  That is certainly something for which each of can be grateful in ourselves.  It is our strengths and resilience that help us to walk through ‘dark valleys’.  I am extremely grateful for the strengths that have pulled me through many such instances.  Absolutely I may have been battered and looking worse for the experience, but I get to live another day.  How good is that!  It’s gold.

So yes, I think it is reasonable to assume that we are able to quietly say ‘good job’ or ‘job well done’ when we have completed a task.  It doesn’t have to be an out loud validation of our sheer brilliance but I have been heard to say: “Go, me,” on the odd occasion.   

What are some of the things about yourself for which you are grateful?

Thank you for those who have followed me through November with Gratitude, hit the like button and left comments.  I appreciate each of you and look forward to getting to know my new followers a little better in December.


5 thoughts on “November with Gratitude: Myself

    • Thank Shari, for your kind words. It’s always good when we do get to catch up and share a glass or two and exchange grandma stories. I’ll be drinking to the next time and hoping it isn’t too long 🙂


  1. You are all of those things you say, Linda, and more, and it is good that you are able to acknowledge what you do well.
    Yes, I remember when we were not supposed to “blow our own trumpet”, and that’s a real shame. We can never be perfect, but should always be able to put our good selves forward. It is a part of valuing ourselves and giving ourselves credit.
    Another great entry. It has been a real treat to follow your gratitude posts this month. 🙂


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