Lake Macquarie: Warners Bay, Friday Night

Friday nights, 5.30 – 9.00pm, the place to be is the Music Podium at Warners Bay.  That is if you are blessed to live in beautiful Lake Macquarie.  While other suburbs nestling the lake may offer different attractions, Warners Bay becomes the city’s hub on Friday nights between November and March.

Warners Bay is a popular scenic lakeside suburb located along the northern end of Lake Macquarie. There are two main areas to to the Bay:  the retail outlets and the foreshore.  It was along the foreshore that our Church Connect Group met on Friday night to kick off the weekend by relaxing at the lake’s shores.  We joined many others to listen to great music, watch children skimming pebbles, getting wet and revelling in the outdoors.

Created by Linda Stewart for QP

Created by Linda Stewart
for QP

The shared walkway – pedestrians, joggers, those strolling with their dogs and cyclists both young and old – draws the community out to appreciate the walkway that winds around the water’s edge as it passes by many of the lake’s suburbs.

Late afternoon temperatures were nudging 40 degrees C so the race for a patch of shade meant beating the crowds, and we were rewarded with the perfect spot.  On the water’s edge nestled between two stands of trees – our very own al fresco private party room.  We set up the table,  laid out shared  pre-dinner nibbles:  the best blue cheese I’ve ever tasted, honey-coated cashews (OMG – I’m a totally nut freak), crackers, dip and wine.  We lacked no good thing.  Friendship, easy-flowing conversation and friendly banter, yummy food, well executed music from the 1970s and 80s and a view second to few.  We were fulfilled and quite content.

Our wish for a wind change came around 8pm stirring the lulled lake to a froth that sent boats scurrying for the shelter of home.  It wasn’t long before the wind chased us landlubbers home too – for a cuppa and an early night.

4 thoughts on “Lake Macquarie: Warners Bay, Friday Night

  1. We have intended to get across for the Friday evening music for years but haven’t yet made it! 😦 We would love to take our little sailing boat and moor offshore to hear the music. We always seem to forget that it is on – what bad memories we have!
    The sunset photos are gorgeous, Linda. I have seen those sunsets from there on other occasions. They really do show off the beauty of our lake. 🙂
    Lovely happy post.


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