November with Gratitude: Love

Have you thought about the meaning of love?  What is it?  A feeling, emotion, a temporary state of intense passion or a life long commitment?  True to form I am over-thinking what is, no doubt meant to be a simple prompt … Something that fills you with love.

So much fills me with love because my concept of love is not just one thing.  It is the sum of many qualities that vary depending on the relationship.  The love I have towards my children is different but not less than that I feel towards their father, the MOTH (Man of The House).  Love has been described as the greatest of all emotions and sometimes that emotion is overwhelming.

I think love is a construct nurtured within social and cultural norms, and therefore relative.  However, across cultures love is about connection and genuine transparency (no masks) which is perhaps why the love we have for our friends can be so much less complicated than those feelings we hold for family.  Love is manifest in our behaviours as well as our commitment and the extent to which we are, in the paraphrased words of Anais Nin, prepared to accept someone whatever they may be.

To answer the prompt then, the something that fills me with love is my family:  the MOTH, my son and daughter in law; my daughter and son-in-law; and my grandson.  There are no masks; only acceptance and commitment.