November with Gratitude: Hope

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge prompt today is Something that fills me with hope.

My clients fill me with hope.  Seven years ago I started working with parents who struggle with alcohol and drug dependence (addiction).  I have had to sit on my hands while someone has told me that these people are ‘weak pathetic creatures who need to get a grip on reality and get over it.’  They do not  understand that most ‘addicts’ carry the fear and pain of their dependence and that it eats away at their very essence as they experience homelessness, discrimination and judgement.

True they may look like ‘weak pathetic creatures’ but that’s not who you will see if you spend time with them.  You see their courage and tenacity.  Their resilience is apparent – they are survivors of horrific experiences.  Yes, such experiences may be a consequence of ill-judged decisions but these folk have pushed through their circumstances because they catch a glimmer of something.  A glimpse of hope.



Hope is audacious.  It is tenacious.  Hope is a lifeline and a life-giver.

Every day I spend with clients I am filled with hope.  Hope for a different tomorrow and another tomorrow after that, and a better next week and eventually a better life.  One day after another, hope builds slowly.  Often it takes an outsider to strike that spark.  For many that spark, from someone else, is the belief in their ability to change; a belief that they cannot hold for themselves.

From the time of intake until the time parents leave our programme, I am filled with hope for them and their children.

The day I go to work with no hope in my heart will be a day I have nothing to offer my clients.  My prayer is that never happens.