November with Gratitude: Music

How do you explain the gratitude you feel for the gift of music in life?  The sounds of nature: bird calls, wind, ocean waves, rivers tripping over rocks – babbling brooks, laughter.  I cannot imagine a world without music.  I cannot imagine not being able to hear the different sounds that make music.

Music QuoteWe listen to music when we’re having quiet time, we dance and let our hair down to the beat of music and then we fall asleep to quieter tones, still music.  It wouldn’t be much of a wedding, funeral, or cultural gatherings if there was no music.  We celebrate and cry, laugh and mourn to music.  Yet, so powerful is music that it can recall sorrow and unleash tears that have been held in check far too long.

Musicians who write soul music bestow a double blessing:  once for the beauty of music and again for having created something that touches our souls, healing and restorative – therapeutic.

I am grateful to my music teachers over the years, although I could have done without the knuckle whacking discipline I frequently received as a consequence of getting my scales wrong – again.  These stalwarts of the  keyboards and theory books instilled an understanding of music that opened my mind, and ears, to the many textures in a piece of music.  They gave me an appreciation of the place that music has in our lives and how a life without music is like a day without sunshine.

Today I enjoy a wide range of music that ranges from classical, pop, worship, jazz and sometimes rap and hip hop.  As a young child being carried about on the hip of an African nanny the rhythm and sounds were as much part of my language skills as any verbal communication of which I may have been capable.  The African people around our home sang in everything they did.  It seemed there was a song for every activity and every song was accompanied by foot-tapping and swaying.  No wonder their babes are so quiet as they accompany mamma on her daily tasks.  As well as being held close to mamma and being lulled by singing and body movements, the child grows up in an environment of being supported, physically and emotionally.

Yes, I am very grateful for the big part music plays in my life.