November with Gratitude: Colour

Bones that crack alarmingly, joints that ache or hair that greys are all indicators of the ageing process.  Some people embrace the ageing process with panache and glide through the decades growing ever more graceful, wise and increasingly secure in their wrinkling skin.  Others have difficulty bracing themselves for the downhill journey.  However, one of the benefits of this particular stage of life is that the opinions of others matter less now.

You’re confused; the title of the post is colour and so far we’ve talked about the ageing process. Trust me, there is a point to the preamble, which is this:  with age has come confidence to trust my dress sense, of which colour is a big part.  The MOTH (Man of The House) has tried but still doesn’t get it.  The half hour spent gazing into the wardrobe wondering what I will wear today is an annoying – and to him big waste of time – but I need that time to decide what colour I am today.

The MOTH gets up, grabs whatever is closest and heads out the bedroom door.  He’s done.  Dressed for the day with not a backward glance in the mirror.  Me!  I need that time to find today’s colour.  The mood or frame of mind with which wake dictates the colours and clothes I choose.  Sometimes turquoise is the perfect colour for the day and other days it is definitely a black top and coloured trousers.

Warm Autumn CollageMy colours have changed over the years and now I wear a lot of warm autumn tones which I love.  When I leave home I know I am wearing the right colours for today.  It gives me confidence and I can focus on the important work of the day.  It would be a lot easier if we were issued with a uniform.  I’d save a lot of time anon doubt I’d get used to whatever colours were chosen for me.  But for now while I have a choice I enjoy the process of choosing the right colours for today.