November with Gratitude: Noise

Noise per se sets me on edge and loud noise can cause feelings of anger to rise.  The volume of television or radio in particular cause my adrenalin to spike putting my entire system into high alert.  I cannot tolerate a lot of noise and especially a lot of loud and jarring noise.

On the other hand I find white noise calming and relaxing.  It has been described as an effective sound source that encourages relaxation.  I use it to unwind and destress and there have been times in my journey where the turmoil has put me beyond sleep.  At those times playing ‘white noise’ music has helped to block out the mind chatter and calm unhelpful thoughts.

I have a number of white noise CDs that have soothing ocean wave sounds, or dolphin calls but also there are other pieces of white sound music that are instrumental and quite beautiful.  It is the kind of music that washes the soul as it lifts the spirit above the worries of today providing a clear space for peace to enter.

If you’re interested in music for relaxation or meditation you may like Jeffree Clarkson’s compositions.  My favourite CD is Rainforest although all his albums are available on iTunes.  Here’s a You Tube clip as a sneak peek into the world of white noise.