One Mile Beach

This weekend we’re up in the Port Stephens area camping at One Mile Beach. The region is traditionally owned by the Worimi Nation, an Aboriginal people with a rich culture looking back through centuries of natural conservation.

The Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture on earth, is diversified and has many nations, languages, traditions and customs. Situated within the Tomaree National Park is One Mile Beach where we camped for three nights enjoying perfect weather and surroundings.

The white sand and pristine coastline offer the day tripper and camper the usual selection of beach activities from para-sailing to sunbathing. The walk up a small dune and through coastal vegetation to the ocean didn’t prepare us for the panoramic scene that presented itself as we crested the dune and started down the other side.

We wandered further along the beach to visit the other camp site in the area. It was good to see adolescents outdoors involved in physical activity and socialising.

As beachcombers from way back we have our eyes peeled for visual treasurer on these bare-footed walks. We’re rarely disappointed.

Work calls for our return on Tuesday but we look forward to returning to the beach soon. In the meantime there will be digital memories to motivate us to return.

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