November with Gratitude: Technology

We took a four day break up the coast to One Mile Bay.  The toy bag was brimful of geeky gadgets to keep me in the sweet spot.  We had a wonderful time camping with the roar of the ocean over the dunes, lots of ocean swimming and unwinding.  Oh the places we’ve been and the things we have seen … and now the things we remember thanks to the digital cameras in-built to so many devices.

I love technology.

This post is a day late and those of you who post regularly will understand the frustration when the post can’t get through.  However, when camping it is part of the unpredictability of each day and the uncertainty of the internet connection.   Without further ado let’s talk about how big my gratitude bubble is for all things technological.

  1. SKYPE:  We’re so connected now and our expectation as friends, family, colleagues is that we will be available to everyone all of the time.  Living in a different country to our daughter and grandson Skype is the next best thing to being there.  Each time we meet on SKYPE we notice new developments in his growing up and speech.  Moments that are precious and possible thanks to the times in which we live.
  2. GOOGLE:  Whenever I am tempted to Google it I remember the expensive sets of encyclopaedias that filled our school libraries and the hours we spent putting together history or music projects; handwritten to.  On the other hand I love love love the community forums packed with people who have had and solved my technology problem.  I have been know to Google:  ‘my laptop won’t boot up”; “my computer no longer likes … since the update?”; “what’s do you tube security settings have to do with my uploaded videos?”  All the answers are waiting to be asked.
  3. iPAD:  My ultimate gizmo.  It does email, surfs the net, plays music, takes photos, has games, can play TV programmes and videos, has SKYPE, is portable and has bling.  Like all gizmo geeks I would like an iPad mini.  It would fit in my handbag and it is a lot lighter than its big sista.
  4. MacBookPro:  My next favourite piece of technology is the laptop.  Actually that’s not quite true … his week.  Llast week it would definitely have been the case.  This week, it died.  Yep, not even a Google forum search would resurrect it.  It makes me sad when my tech stuff goes bad! But I will recover and move on but until then I feel a trip to the Apple store coming up – and who knows the things I will see!