November with Gratitude: To My Friends

I know you are my friends because you have a knack of reading between the lines even when I’m being cryptic.  You bring comfort and when others leave you stay.  When my whacky ideas have lost all reason you gently provide perspective.  You laugh at my humour and I love your’s.  When you laugh at yourselves it gives me permission to laugh at myself and to know that in spite of any embarrassing moments you’re okay and so am I.

You are really comfortable in your own skin and allow me to wriggle about in mine.  You don’t wear masks and allow me to be open-faced and transparent.  You hold my vulnerability like a precious jewel with which I trust you.

You and me.  We fit so well.  You are just the right size: not too big neither too small.  When I am being small, you are able to remain big and help me regain middle ground.

We do not communicate – we connect.  We hear each other:  with our souls.  That is powerful.  It is comforting; it gives me strength and it gives me courage.  When I’ve lost my sense of self in the tough times you are there to help me rediscover my purpose and passion.  You know the good, the bad and the ugly – and here you are, still.

In fact I am thinking you are like my most comfortable pair of shoes.  Well worn, close, ready for any adventure; available, walking side-by-side through the thick and thin of life.  Best of all you are beside me when we reach the mountain tops.  You help me celebrate the victories having been my comfort through the valleys.