November with Gratitude: Work

This is my work station.  It is well set up and a lovely place to spend time when I need to be in the office.  Yesterday everyone was out in the field and I had the entire office to myself and then it is an especially happy place.


It didn’t take long to come up with a work gratitude list.

  1.  My work brings satisfaction
  2. It pays
  3. I get to share ideas with like-minded passionate people
  4. When everyone is in the office it’s buzzing with social chit-chat which builds team cohesion
  5. A place to build confidence and self-esteem
  6. A place to be challenged and annoyed by those who have earned the right to speak into my life
  7. The offices are well maintained with up to date equipment
  8. There is some flexibility in work hours
  9. Staff are trusted to work autonomously
  10. It provides a place within the community for me to make a difference in a professional way