Photography and Scrapbooking

As an amateur photographer and scrapbooker the pleasures of trips away from home are enjoyed a second time as the albums are put together.  The journaling that accompanies the photos in the scrapbooks help remind me of the history and funny incidents that happened.

One of the joys of photography now comes with the technology of the digital age we are so blessed to live in.  The freedom to snap a scene from every angle, edit and then delete the unwanted twenty shots of the same scene have taken photography to a new level.  With a camera on every piece of portable digital equipment we own everyone has the ability to photo-journal life.

Our scrapbooks are put together as soon after a trip as possible.  We keep the information brochures for accurate journaling.  Tonight I pulled out the Turkey scrapbook and enjoyed the happy times of 2006.

Istanbul has been home to number of cultures across the centuries.  At various times it was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.  It has also been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its ‘Outstanding Universal Value” because of the unique representations of cultures, architecture and religious influences over many centuries.  Istanbul also has large areas where ancient buildings have escaped major damage.

Sultan Ahmet Moschee, Istanbul, Marmaragebiet, T?rkei

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Journal Entry:  The last five days in Turkey were spent wandering freely in Istanbul with its cobbled streets and lanes – uneven, ancient. Walking the same ways that people of centuries ago have passed along is an incredible feeling.  The sense of place and history makes me want to come and live and learn everything about the history.