November with Gratitude: Hobbies

The older I become the more I appreciate the value of having a variety of hobbies.  One of the many blessings in my life – as well as a tolerant and loving husband of many years – is my own craft room.  Many a happy hour/day has been whiled away being creative as I have unwound from the stresses of work or other things going on around me.  Time has no relevance in the creative flow.

I have noticed that my hobbies have moved along a continuum as one has been left behind as another hobby has emerged from an older one.  For example, I started taking calligraphy lessons from which came a passion for rubber stamping images to be used to make cards.  The MOTH jokes that each card is worth $30 in light of the crafty paraphernalia it took to make.  Certainly there is a cost but the benefits are priceless – well, that’s my theory to which I’m clinging. Scrapbooking was a natural progression from stamping and card making.  As film cameras were replaced by digital gadgets that took photos this added a dimension to  scrapbooking, calendar and card making not available when we had to shoot a roll of film and wait to have it processes, which was expensive.

Hobbies CollageOne of the many services our organisation provides is a day centre for the elderly and disabled.  I notice that craft is a part of most days these visitors to our service enjoy.  The benefits of busy hands and an engaged mind help to reduce stress, boost our immune systems, help us sleep better, keep our fingers and minds flexible and improve memories.

Given that list of benefits I feel my craft room is quite justified, even though it is a complete luxury.  That’s one of my worries about retiring and heading out onto the highways and byways of Australia.  How do I take the craft room with me?