November with Gratitude: Transportation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I am grateful for our car a Holden Astra.  It is reliable and comfortable to drive.  It is also economical and has a good track record.  We purchased it from my work where I had been the only person to drive it.  The work vehicle turnover is high as their policy is to purchase new every three years which means we were able to purchase a relatively new car for a reasonable price.

When I think of the ways in which we are able to get from here to there, it really is a cause for gratitude.  We’re blessed with excellent public transport where we live.  Any time we travel down to Sydney we hop on a train that takes us through beautiful countryside as the railway winds through suburbia, bushland and great bridges take us over creeks and rivers.

Our nearest international airport is Sydney.  We take a taxi to and from our home station.  Yes we certainly are spoiled with the choice of transportation that adds value to our lives.